Monday, February 28, 2011

IHS Breakfast Serving

What a great opportunity to answer the call of our Lord Jesus Christ to serve the least among us. Yet, out of all the Resurrection of the Lord parishioners, only six signed up to serve at our scheduled breakfast meal serving in February, and only three actually showed up to serve.

Our next scheduled serving is March 27th. A signup sheet will be posted on the bulletin board, in the worship area, outside the parish kitchen.

Mahalo and God bless

Confirmation I and II: February 27, 2011: Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Read the Gospel: Mt 6:24-34

Journal: How did you live out last week’s Gospel message? What was tough? What was rewarding?

Dishonesty. It plagues our high schools. Many students will do anything to get ahead. Some teachers go crazy trying to develop ways to stop cheating. Others are heartbroken when students they respect justify academic dishonesty.
And Jesus said, “Seek first…the highest grade, the best college…” Uh, not exactly. I attended a Catholic high school. While in college, I helped out at Catholic high schools. I worry about the pressure students feel to be number one.
Here is the message many students pick up: “I have to get the highest grades and be in the most activities—otherwise, I won’t get into the best college. If I don’t get into the best college, I will be a failure.” Too often, even well-meaning parents and guidance counselors feed that message.
That message can devastate young people. It leads some to justify dishonesty. It leads others to use alcohol and other drugs. It leads others to experience depression and despair.
If you’ve heard that message, let me offer a different one—one from the God who will always be with you. “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will follow.” Here’s how you do that. Develop your character. Honesty, compassion, and generosity will make your life more meaningful than the highest grades, longest resume, or best college. Develop your prayer life. Using daily prayer and attending weekly Mass will remind you that God’s love and protection don’t depend on personal success.. Build time into your schedule for service. That reminds you that you don’t need a high ACT or SAT score to make a difference in the world and feel good about yourself.
Sure, work hard in school. Develop your brain and body through activities. But remember, almost any school can prepare you well for a career if you work hard. Also remember, our world needs more people with Christian character, not more millionaires.

Journal: How is the pressure to succeed leading some teenagers—or even you—to sacrifice character? How might you change the situation? What can you do? Be specific.

Faithful Citizenship - February 27, 2011

In his book, "The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People," author David Niven lists "Do what you say you are going to do" as #24. He writes, "Nothing kills progress or deadens enthusiasm more than someone who talks but never follows through." I must admit, though, that I am rarely surprised by people not following through. It seems that our busy lives preclude really doing much of what we say, hope or promise to do. Barack Obama and Neil Abercrombie, however, are walking around with the big smiles of happy people these days.

In his campaign for governor, Abercrombie PROMISED voters that he would sign a civil union (note how often the word marriage is used now when describing a "civil union") bill if it were placed on his desk. Done deal. He also PROMISED there would be no increase in the general excise tax IF he got what he wanted in the other parts of his yet-to-be-presented budget. Nobody gets everything they want from their proposed budget. That's why even kids ask for $20 when they'd be happy with $10. Keep your hands on your wallet, the governor's still smiling!

And guess who else is flashing the big smile of a happy person these days? President Obama PROMISED us that he was going to "fundamentally change America." What we couldn't have anticipated in that fundamental change was that he would disregard the U. S. Constitution. This week he directed his Attorney General to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act despite it having been passed by Congress during President Clinton's time. Remember also that he said he wouldn't want either of his girls "punished with a baby if they make a mistake." He's made no secret of his stand on abortion. Please contact and pray for our representatives. Gotta go boot up my hard drive! Aloha--- Mary B

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daughters of Saint Paul - Books and Media Sale at ROL

For many ROL parishioners it's difficult to get downtown to the Pauline Bookstore. So, at the request of ROL parishioner and faithful customer, Gaylene Colon, the Daughters of Saint Paul brought the bookstore to Waipio. After each Mass last weekend Sister Linh and Sister An Mei offered an assortment of spiritual books, DVD's and rosaries for the parishioners of Resurrection of the Lord parish to view and purchase. We at ROL would like to thanks the Daughters of Saint Paul for their dedication and service in bringing the word of Our Lord, and the Catholic Church, to our Hawaiian Ohana. (Reported and photo by Bob Mace)

Conformation Project: Collection of clothing for adults at the Queens Medical Center and shoes and slippers for children in foster care at Ho’omalu

Conformation Candidates: Carlyn Abramo, Elaura Oshiro, Jasmine Barroga

Sponsors: Jodie Tramuto, Matthew Oshiro, Carissa Oshiro

“I’m Jasmine, this is Elle, and that’s Carlyn. We are currently in our second year of confirmation and as a requirement; we must fulfill a sponsor/candidate project. We, with our sponsors, have decided to collect donations.

First, we are doing a clothes drive. This is to support Queens Medical Center, where patients are in need of clothing. We are asking for sizes from teens to adults.

We are also collecting donations of slippers and shoes. This is to support Ho’omalu, a home for children in foster care. Any size of new or gently used footwear is accepted.

We are also collecting monetary donations, so we can buy these items. One dollar can get a child a new pair of slipper!

Collection boxes for the clothing and footwear will be out next week; February 26th and 27th and also the following week; March 5th and 6th.

The patients at Queens and the children of Ho’omalu really appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faithful Citizenship - February 13, 2011

If you’ve been watching what’s been going on in Egypt for the last several weeks, you can see what frustration can do to a citizenry. Imagine what it takes to get that many people out in the streets day after day, clamoring for change. Remember when they held the first elections in Iraq, and people were willing to risk their lives for a chance to vote?

Have you seen the bumper sticker “Freedom Is Not Free?” It’s not just a catchy phrase that makes a soldier feel proud of his/her service. It implies rights (Freedom) and responsibilities (Not Free). We are on the opposite end of the freedom spectrum than the people in Egypt, Iraq and other places around the world. We enjoy so many freedoms that we need to be mindful that there are limits. One piece of chocolate a day may not hurt you, but unlimited amounts may kill you (unfortunately). We have the freedom to drink and drive, but the responsibility not to.

The legislature is again struggling with the civil union issue. There is no longer any confusion over whether the proponents intend eventually to push for gay marriage. They have all but said so. It is not an issue of whether or not we love people of differing life styles, but simply whether or not we see ourselves as a society where marriages will be other than between a man and a woman. As I write this, I’m assuming that the House will pass their version of the civil union bill on Friday. They have the votes. But we still have time to contact both our Senator and our Representative because the bill will probably end up in conference committee. Rep. Henry Aquino is against civil unions. He needs our thanks and support. Sen. Nishihara is for the measure. He needs our prayers and a phone call or e-mail. Please let your thoughts be known. Gotta go boot up my hard drive! Aloha-- Mary B

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ROL Parishioner Gabriel (Gabby) Balais awarded Ad Altare Dei Religious Emblem

During a special Saturday night Boy Scout Mass at the Our Lady of Peace Cathedral, Resurrection of the Lord parishioner, Alter Server and Saint Louis High School junior Gabriel (Gabby) Balais, (along with Walter Benevitz another ROL Alter Server), was awarded the Ad Altare Dei (Catholic) Religious Emblem by Bishop Larry Silva. This emblem is awarded not by the Boy Scouts of America, but by various religious groups. Gabby was awarded this emblem by the Diocese of Honolulu Catholic Committee on Scouting (DHCCS), after completing the Ad Altare Dei class, which was conducted at ROL parish. The Ad Altare Dei (to the alter of God) program is organized in chapters based on the seven Sacraments as the primary means towards spiritual growth. Gabby and his proud parents, Bobby and Eloise Balais, would like to give special Mahalo’s to Gabby’s Ad Altare Dei instructor, Uncle John Wheeler; his Confirmation Director, Auntie Liz Shippen; his Confirmation Sponsor, Uncle Kerry Nishimoto; and Scout Chaplain for DHCCS, Fr. Paul Zaccone, for their guidance and support. The Balais family (Gabby’s brother Matt is a freshman at Saint Louis High) feels truly blessed to have these spiritual guides in Gabby’s life. This family is a great example of the “Holy Family” that all families are called to be. (Reported by Bob Mace, photo by Balais family)

ROL Parishioner Barbara Gabriel returns to Our Father's House

Resurrection of the Lord parishioner Barbara Gabriel passed away last Sunday morning, February 6, 2011 after suffering from spinal cancer. She was in hospice at Leeward Integrated Health Home in Makaha, with Saint Francis Hospice. Please pray for her soul.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The next Lighthouse Homeless Shelter Serving will be February 27, 2011.

Menu for February 27, 2011

Filipino Potluck

We need help in preparing, transporting and serving on Sunday, February, 27th, 2011. Filipino (and other) recipes, prepared by you, can be dropped off at ROL church between 5 and 5:30 pm on serving Sunday. Aluminum pans are best, and can be provided to you by the parish Social Ministry. We also need help transporting food and serving items from ROL to The Lighthouse Homeless Shelter in Waipahu. Set up is from 6 to 6:30 pm, and serving is from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. We then return items to the church and clean up. We finish around 8:15 pm. Can you help? Signup up will be posted on the Lanai before and after Masses starting the weekend of 12/13 February. Mahalo and God bless.

If you are interested in helping at this serving contact Bob at 808-232-5386 or to sign up, or for more details.