Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RCIA Barbecue and Day of Fellowship

On Sunday, September 18th Resurrection of The Lord in Waipio kicked off their RCIA process with a Barbecue Orientation and Day of Fellowship. It started with an exciting ice breaker; a biblical scavenger hunt that required teams to drive around the Waipio area looking for clues with bibles in hand. (of course all were instructed to be courteous and law abiding citizens!) our version of “The Amazing Race”, we called it “The Amazing Grace”. The goal of the activity was threefold: 1. to understand that what they were looking for was in their hands all along (“The Word”) 2. What they will gain in RCIA must be taken beyond the borders of the church into the world and 3. RCIA may not be quite what they expected, it is a process that will be filled with experiences, enlightenment and joy!

Resurrection’s RCIA is an on-going process. No cut-off day to sign-up. Inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son, when the Holy Spirit sends them, we receive them with open arms. (Reported by Nadine Wheeler)

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