Sunday, October 24, 2010

from the desk of Fr. Paul…

While I was visiting my cousin Jeanne (she was here last November with my sister, Claire) last month in southern Maryland, I went over to see Minerva and Duane Barnhart. They live in northern Virginia and it was just a half hour drive from Jeanne’s. I called first and then went over to see them. I had trouble finding the complex where they live, but once found, I spent the afternoon and had supper with them before returning to Maryland. It was an enjoyable visit. They are doing well and send their love to all. They still have a deep and fond love for all of you and this great parish. For those who might not know the Barnharts, they are old time parishioners who just moved to Virginia. Minerva was a bundle of energy before she got sick. She helped daily in the sacristy, opened the Church on weekday mornings, set up for Mass and was involved in lecturing, Eucharistic ministry and also the Church environment, especially in obtaining and arranging flowers. She was also on the Pastoral Council.

You know how things happen which surprises us? As I was typing this, the mail arrived. I paused in my work to look at the mail, to see if something needed immediate attention. Lo and behold, there was a card from Duane and Minerva – a thank you note for my visit. What a coincidence! Praise be God – Father, Son and Spirit!

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