Thursday, November 25, 2010

To our Eucharistic Ministers

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I am sending this to all before I finalize it. Please take a good look. There are lots of blank spaces. I don't want to fill it up, because it it not the regular schedule time. First is the Dec. 7th vigil mass at 7:00pm (Tuesday) for Immaculate Conception. Father wants to try this to give everyone chance to go to mass. Second is the Christmas Eve midnight mass. Third is the day after Christmas. Christmas falls on a Saturday. Father eliminated the regular Saturday evening mass, but he added one extra mass on Sunday the 26th at 11:15am., so, we have 7:30am; 9:30am and 11:15am mass. I want your reply no later than tomorrow. I will finalize it tomorrow night, so I can have it printed before this weekend. Thank you for understanding my predicament. We will have three new Head Ministers for the 5:15pm mass. Hank and Lorraine Cashen and Lydia Pavao. Thank you for volunteering.

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