Monday, April 25, 2011

Mahalo Nadine

Mahalo to Father Paul and the RCIA team for a spirit filled Easter Vigil Mass once again. But most especially, mahalo to Nadine Wheeler, the head of our RCIA team, for her spirit, and dedication to our Lord. With the voice of an angel, and the love she shows for all of us, the children of Christ, she is a gift to our ROL Ohana. Peace be with you.


  1. MAHALO NUI LOA E NADINE!!!! Father, Deacon, the lectors, cantors, choir, musicians, servers, ushers, environment, eucharistic ministers, everyone was amazing. I could just feel the Spirit present throughout the night. The RCIA Team has always been a spirit filled one and I have to say my cousin and two of my closest friends came to celebrate mass with us and they LOVED it! It was a special night for our parish. One I know will bring all of us more in union with one another and inturn with Christ!

  2. EVERYONE was amazing! The Lectors and Cantors PROCLAIMED perfectly and God was truly felt and heard! Environment....WOW! All who worked behind the scenes....Well done good and faithful servants! Thank you Ornellas Family!
    God Bless You abundantly, Liz and Thane.
    You all are loved and so deeply appreciated!
    God has truly Blessed our parish with such good people.