Friday, July 9, 2010

Faithful Citizenship

Thank you, to all who made the phone calls, sent e-mail or letters, or simply prayed that Governor Lingle would veto HB 444. She was under considerable pressure. In her announcement press conference she said that she felt this was such a huge decision for our society that it should be made through a vote of the electorate. If the powers that be decide to put the question on the ballot, it would first appear in Nov., 2012. However, Rep. Blake Oshiro, who spearheaded the bill at the last moment of last session, indicated that it could again become an issue during the next legislative session if the proponents push hard enough. For Oshiro to be around next January, though, he needs to survive an election battle with now-Councilman Gary Okino who has announced he wants Oshiro’s seat. Okino is a strong supporter of traditional marriage.
It’s time that we start to take notice of those running for office.

Our own senator from Waipahu, Clarence Nishihara, voted for the civil union bill last session. It is up to us to let him know that we do not want to water down traditional marriage. If a case can be made that civil rights are being denied, the reciprocal agreement legislation should be amended. We should not simply believe the rhetoric. We should challenge their assertions about civil rights violations. This issue is far from over so we must remain vigilant.

What can you do now? First, call Gov. Lingle and thank her for taking a stand in defense of traditional marriage. Second, register to vote. Third, get informed on the issues; Fourth, vote in the coming Primary (9/18) and the General Election (11/2). And finally, PRAY ALWAYS for our government and church leaders, for married couples and their families, for supporters of this legislation that they stay strong, and for our state and entire country.

Gotta go boot up my hard drive! Aloha, Mary B

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