Monday, July 5, 2010

From the desk of Father Paul, July 4, 2010

At this writing, Governor Lingle has not taken any action on HB444 (Civil Unions bill) (today is Monday, June 28th). If this is still the case when you read this, I am asking you to please send her a message by phone (586-0034), fax (586-0066) or email ( Our new newspaper, the Star Advertiser, through their editorials and slanted reporting, are calling for an approval of the bill. Those who are pushing for the bill have doubled their efforts. We must do the same – double our efforts. Please communicate with the Governor and let her know there is still a strong opposition to this bill. Those who are pushing the bill will tell you it is a matter of “rights”. No, it is not. There is no civil law that says couples of the same sex cannot live together. If they want to live together, the civil law cannot stop them. What they want is to have society recognize their relationship as equal to that of a marriage between a man and a woman. The term “civil unions” is simply calling it by a different name. Please uphold what God intended marriage to be: a union between a man and a woman who commit themselves to live in married love; a union ordered toward the well being of the spouses and the procreation of children.

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