Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Epiphany Project at Next Step Homeless Shelter

On Saturday, January 8, 2011, our Confirmation candidates, with adults, went to the Next Step Homeless Shelter as an Epiphany project. There were approximately 150 shelter residents there. They numbered 33 candidates; with parents and sponsors, for a total of approximately 115 from ROL. They spent $3500, approximately $1100 was given out in the form of gift cards to Sears, Ross, Payless, McDonald's during BINGO and drawings. Also purchased and given away were brand new pillows and pillow cases for each resident, from adult to infants. Lunch was ham, fried noodles, rice, corn, fruits, cake and beverages. Entertainment was provided by Nathan Kop. They were there from 9am-3pm. This was the 3rd consecutive year that we partied with them for Epiphany. Mahalo to all at ROL who participated in events that helped fund this service. Mahalo to you who went and served those in need.

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