Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is my annual plea for your assistance in communicating to your ministry the need for their assistance!

FYI --- The parish church cleaning for the 3rd Sat. of each month was taken on two years ago, to help Ed Lee. The family that originally cleaned the church during this period was not able to continue the much needed service. During one of our conversations after church, Ed expressed to me, the difficulty in finding people in our parish to help, even after announcements from Father to the parish. I initially took on the project on behalf of our Lector ministry, until other ministers in the Eucharistic and Music ministries suggested that all ministries should get involved. Collectively, we are about 90+ strong and with the consideration of the time and number of people needed to clean the church, the ministers and even their families would more than sufficiently complete the task.

Consider .....

10 Saturdays in a year, one Sat. per month (Confirmation candidates does about 2 of our Sat. in the year) X 2 hours minimum each Sat. to clean, Equals = 20 hours a year

We need at least 6 people per Sat. X 10 Saturdays in the year = 60 people min.

There are a few that take on the church cleaning every scheduled Saturday + those from Confirmation that come with their sponsors/parents to make up their service hours or just come because they want to. AND given that those that do come, also bring their family/friends, means that we (ministries) could easily fulfill the need every 3rd Sat.

Father Paul will be making an announcement regarding the church cleaning efforts after each mass in February, but with an urgency for a call to action. This time he will be seeking help for every Saturday.

There are several ways we can manage this, but our first concern is our commitment for the 3rd Sat. of each month.

The 2011 cleaning schedule:
Feb. 19
March/April Confirmation Candidates scheduled to clean
May 21
June 18
July 16
Aug. 20
Sept. 17
Oct. 15
Nov. 19
Dec. 17

Family, friends are always welcomed!

Note: 8am, cleaning includes M/W bathrooms (replace supplies, sweep, mop),
Cry Room (sweep, mop, bathroom-replace supplies/clean),
Conference Room (sweep, mop, empty rubbish),
Parish office (empty rubbish, vacuum carpets, bathroom-replace supplies/clean/mop,
Sacristy (vacuum, bathroom-replace supplies/clean/mop,empty rubbish),
Reconciliation Rm & 2 side Chapels (dust, vacuum, empty rubbish),
Altar (dust, wipe down),
Other - dust, wipe, sweep/blow down the main parish area, align chairs, ensure missalette under each chair,
empty outside rubbish bins and replace with liners.

2 hours for one Saturday in a this still too much to ask - for one person to help clean the Lord's house?

Yours in Christ,


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