Monday, January 17, 2011

ROL Secretary Lauralie Loughlin retires after 22 years of service

After 22 years of service to Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church in Waipio-Gentry, parish secretary Lauralie Loughlin retired on December 31, 2010. During that time, Laura worked first for Fr. Ed Turner as he and the early parishioners created the new Catholic community. By the time the new church building was completed in 1995, Father Ron Burke was the parish priest; and Laura moved into her new office. In 2002, Father Paul Minchak came to ROL.

On Saturday, January 15, 2011, the parish planned and successfully executed a surprise retirement party for Laura. On the ruse of attending the 5:15 PM Mass to celebrate the Baptism of her 12th grandchild, Laura was completely unaware of the evening that awaited her. Her husband and all six of their children were in on the secret. When Father Paul asked what the family asked of the church, Laura expected her daughter-in-law to say, “Baptism.” Instead she said, “We’d like our son to be at the retirement party of his grandmother.” Father Paul then announced to Laura that there would be no Baptism (that has been officially scheduled for April), but instead she was to be honored for her many years of service to Resurrection of the Lord.

In addition to lots of good food, the evening included two songs sung by her grandchildren, a hula performed by Nicole Naong, beautiful tributes by Fr. Paul, her husband John, and Parish Council Chair Mary Bretschneider as well as music provided by several church members and their friends. Laura was gifted with a travel credit at AAA and a gift certificate purchased with funds donated by parish members. Many hands, including volunteer Confirmation candidates and Youth Ministry members, worked to make the evening a success. The parish wanted Laura to know that she will be missed.

Story submitted by Mary Bretschneider

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