Wednesday, March 16, 2011

from the desk of Fr. Paul… March 20, 2011

Bishop Silva has urged all the parishes in the Diocese to reflect and talk about the homeless situation here in the Islands. He feels that, as the largest Christian Church in Hawaii, the Catholic Church should take the lead in coming up with solutions for building affordable housing. In his letter to the parishes, he stresses prayer, but also wrote the following ideas on how to implement the plan for building these homes.

. Call together Catholic realtors to reflect on what they can do to help solve this challenge by identifying potential properties for affordable housing of various kinds and create a plan to acquire them.
. Call together Catholic attorneys who would volunteer their time to offer advice on the transfers of properties, and to tend to other legal matters.
. Gather Catholic bankers and financial planners to search out possible sources of funding for land purchase, building costs and maintenance.
. Ask Catholic facilities managers for advice on policies regarding the housing units to be developed.
. Ask Catholic land owners to consider donations of land parcels, of various sizes, for affordable housing.
. Call together Catholic developers to discuss how we can work in the long term to make sure that enough affordable housing is available to meet the needs of our community.
. Gather Catholic social workers to formulate plans to meet the social service needs of housing clients.
. Gather Catholic healthcare workers to offer health services to clients who may need them.

Once the Affordable Housing plan is established, we hope to mobilize Catholics and others interested in the issue, so that families or parishes can be sponsors for families seeking affordable housing but who may need training in financial management, maintenance or educational needs.

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