Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Here the Hungry Find Plenty."

At its January meeting, in response to Bishop Silva's urging for all Catholics to become more aware of the plight of the homeless, our Pastoral Council voted unanimously to increase our efforts to collect non-perishable food items here at ROL. I am encouraging and asking all parishioners to take part in this effort, called "Here the Hungry Find Plenty." Beginning this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, there will be a special box located at each of the entrances. We are asking that you drop off your food items in these boxes before Mass. One representative will be chosen from among our parishioners at each Mass to carry a food item from the boxes to the altar at the presentation of the gifts. Please note that we are not asking you to make a large donation weekly. The goal is to develop a habit for each of us to keep those less fortunate in our thoughts as we shop. Some Sundays you may simply grab something from your own kitchen pantry on your way to Mass. It is meant to be a continual reminder of our good fortune and the very basic needs of our friends in Christ.

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