Friday, June 18, 2010

Faithful Citizenship from Mary B

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads, first time to great-grandpa!

Over the years, fathers have had to adapt:

In 1900, father came home to dinner. Today, fathers come home to a note on the fridge: Jimmy’s at baseball, Cyndi’s at soccer; I’m at pilates; pizza in freezer.
In 1900, father and son had heart to hearts while fishing.
Today, dad plucks the ear buds from his son’s ear and says, “When you have a minute….”
In 1900, a happy meal was when dad shared funny stories around the dinner table.
Today, a Happy Meal is from McDonalds.

When Father’s Day was first suggested in 1909 by a woman in Washington who wanted to honor her father who had recently passed away, no one beyond her own church members took her seriously. In fact, it took until 1966 when President L. Johnson proclaimed the 3rd Sunday of June as the official day to honor dads nationwide.

Dads have struggled long and hard to have their role in the family recognized as essential. Today we face a threat not only to dad’s role, but to the role of the traditional family as well. Please honor your dad by taking time TODAY or TOMORROW morning to contact the governor’s office regarding her veto of HB 444. She must make it known by June 21st if she intends to sign or veto.

Gotta go boot up my hard drive.

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