Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the desk of Father Paul, June 20, 2010

There are three things to cover today. First the invitation to the Bishop’s “thank you” for those who participated in the “With Grateful Hearts” campaign is still scheduled for June 29th. However, the venue has changed. It will not be at Our Lady of Sorrows as originally planned, but at St. Elizabeth in Aiea, beginning at 6:30 pm.
Secondly, the power bill: our power bill is well over a thousand dollars each month and I really don’t think it has to be so high if everyone would be more conscious of turning off lights when you leave a room that is empty (store room for example), keeping the air condition unit’s thermostat at a reasonable temperature and closing doors when the air conditioner is on so that we are not trying to cool off the outdoors or the entire church. Three different days last week I had to change the temperature setting on the air conditioner in the Blessed Sacrament chapel from 65 to 71 – this despite a sign on the thermostat stating “do not change the temperature setting”. There is no reason to set the temperature gauge to 65 degrees. Also, when a small group is using the Church, there is no reason to have every light in the Church on. Use the dimmers to turn some of them off.
Finally, yes, you guessed it, the water. While the water-sewer bill has been lower, it is still too high. On Sunday, as I was locking doors around 1 pm, I heard water running in the women’s bathroom. One of the toilets was running because someone forced the flush handle so hard that it was struck in the down position. How long it was running is anyone’s guess, but a lot of water was wasted. Also, the toilet next to the one that was running was so stuffed with paper that it was clogged – please be considerate of these who have to clean the toilets. Our old plunger was so warn that we recently had to purchase a new one.

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