Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebration of Life. In 1531 the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego on Tepeyac hill near Mexico City ended the era of mass sacrifice of human life (including children) to appease the Aztec Gods, and ushered in the age of Christianity with mass conversions of the indigenous peoples. In our modern era, children are once again sacrificed; this time to the gods of convenience and lifestyle through the practice of abortion. We in the Catholic Church are opposed to this practice of infanticide and promote life saving alternatives to abortion. Come join us on the lanai after all Masses on the weekend of May 1st and 2nd as we celebrate life with Our Lady of Guadalupe. We will have information from our Life Issues Ministries, religious and handcrafted Mother's Day gifts for sale, women's health information, ROL - Our Lady of Guadalupe t-shirts, and an outdoor candle lighting shrine to "Our Lady". All donations from this celebration go to the Mary Jane Foundation of Hawaii Catholic Charities. Come celebrate with us.

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