Friday, April 23, 2010

Mortgage Burning Party pictures needed

Mortgage Burning Party As Father Paul announced several weeks ago, we are officially DEBT FREE! We have been looking forward to this moment for 15 years. It is finally here, and we’ve decided to have a parish celebration. In order to give everyone time to prepare for a fun party, the date has been tentatively set for Saturday, August 28, 2010. We will put together a photo history with pictures we have on hand, but we would also welcome any photos that you may have at home. Please drop off any pictures you would be willing to share at the parish office before May 15. Label them clearly if you’d like them returned. There is a lot to do to prepare. We want to look and be our best that day. If you are willing to help plan, clean, paint or otherwise prepare for the party, please contact Mary Bretschneider (391-4884), Lynn Aninzo (676-8159) or Liz Shippen (497-7567). We are making a list of all that should be done before this Mortgage Burning Party Open House. As he mentioned last week, Father Paul will soon be taking a “show-of-hands” vote after Mass to help determine the food budget—catered or potluck. Think about it . Mark your calendar. This should be fun!

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