Saturday, April 17, 2010

Resurrection of the Lord (Waipio)

Got announcements? No, problem! Thanks to Richard Pabingwit and the Boy Scouts of Troop 76, our parish now has beautiful new bulleting boards. These bulletin boards are weather-proof and built securely by the scouts and adult leaders of Troop 76. When Richard was trying to come up with an idea for his Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, he thought of nowhere else but his Church because he wanted to give back to this wonderful community of faith that had given him so much. He spent months planning on gathering materials, on how to build strong and beautiful bulletin boards, and how to use the leadership skills he learned as a scout in order to complete the project as planned. During the process of construction, some unforeseeable events took place but the boys took care of them coolly. For example, they realized that the two olive trees that overhang the bulletin boards had to be trimmed. No problem! Right away, they were up on a ladder and worked as gardeners. Then, it rained hard at one point and this enormous dog appeared from nowhere and started playing happily with mud around the bulletin boards. No problem! The boys got down on their hands and knees and cleaned up the area. The finished bulletin boards blend in extremely well with the surrounding landscape, showcasing their pride and dedication. Our parish is grateful for the hard work the boys and the adult leaders were willing to put in to build this excellent tool for our communication link. Thank you very much!

(reported by Nobuko Fushimi)

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  1. Thanks to Richard Pabingwit and Troop 76 for a great looking bulletin board. Thank you to Nobuko Fushimi for this great article that is in the current issue of the Hawaii Catholic Herald.