Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Psalms for Healing" is a collection of Psalms used for the purpose of reflection and experiencing His healing presence. Please use these Psalms for your meditation and to respond to God's word and enhance your prayer time with God. May you find peace in His Presence. Wesley has been involved with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and facilitating healing groups for many years, so if you have a need for healing prayer please feel free to send an email(and a short description)via the website. You can leave your name or feel free to leave it anonymous, Jesus knows who you are regardless. "I will personally pray for your request and also bring your request to our healing team to my church, "Resurrection of Our Lord." I only ask that you write back to us to inform us of a healing or if healing prayer is no longer necessary. A testimony of healing would be greatly appreciated to encourage the faith of others."

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