Monday, April 26, 2010


As the largest intercessory prayer ministry for our country -- we must take a stand now and add our voices in support of open prayer for our country. Today is an incredible time in our nation's history. The very public mention of God, of praying in public, and of the role of Almighty God in our government and country are being stripped away. Consider this: U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb last week issued the decision that the 1988 federal law designating a National Day of Prayer in the United States is unconstitutional. President Obama would not formally observe last year's National Day of Prayer at the White House. (He did not cancel the National Day of Prayer in Washington as it has been rumored.) We believe America has been successful because we, as a people and nation, have honored God, we have made Him preeminent in our lives, and He has been recognized within our government Today, right now, The Presidential Prayer Team urges you, our team members, friends and all Christians to act: WHAT YOU CAN DO 1. GET INVOLVED in this year's National Day of Prayer on MAY 6. There will be prayer vigils in Washington, D.C. on the steps on the U.S. Capitol, at the Washington Monument, and at the ellipse near the Jefferson Memorial. Thousands of other local gatherings are planned in cities and communities across our great land. 2. ADD YOUR NAME to the DECLARATION FOR PRAYER petition. Join us in telling President Obama that Christian prayer -- prayer to no other God but the God of the Bible -- is vital to the present and future of our nation. The petition urges the Obama Administration to immediately appeal the recent court ruling which struck down our rights to a day of national prayer. SIGN HERE —>The Declaration For Prayer-Petition Please take 3 minutes right now by clicking the above link and adding your name to the DECLARATION FOR PRAYER petition and forward this email to as many Christians as possible. The Presidential Prayer Team

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