Friday, April 30, 2010

Ten things we can do for our Lord and the least among us.

1. Serve: Our Lord's time on this earth was all about service. Service to you and me. How can we in return serve him? By serving the least among us, we serve Our Lord Jesus Christ. 2. Volunteer: Help ROL at our monthly IHS breakfast or monthly Lighthouse evening meal. Volunteer to help the Hawaii Foodbank, Catholic Charities Hawaii or many other worthwhile local organizations. 3. Love: To love another person is to see the face of God. Any service we are involved in must be done as an act of love. Unconditional love for our Lord Jesus Christ and our Brothers and Sisters in need. Our church is not about personal avoidance of hell, but salvation for all souls by our faith, acts, love and prayers; bringing souls to Christ is our goal. 4. Care: If we are truly members of one holy, catholic and apostolic church in the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, then we need to care for and about the least among us. We need to act on that caring. Even if it is just in small acts, unseen to all but God, we need to care and to act. 5. Feed: Bring non-perishable food to mass for gifts to be distributed to the hungry. Even one can or box is appreciated. Buy an extra fast food meal or sandwich and give it to the brother or sister digging through a trash can. We all see them. 6. Clothe: Give the clothes you no longer wear, but is in good condition, to organizations that distribute it to the poor. Bring them to the Church and we'll distribute them to the poor. 7. Visit: Do you know any older persons that live alone? Any one in a hospital or home that no one visits? Visit them. Take them something to eat. Read to them. Listen to their stories. Drive them to the store, doctors, and our church. Pray with them. Wash them. Care for them. Love them. 8. Inspire: Invite your family and friends to join you in service. Create your own social service projects and get others involved. Share your ideas and projects with us. 9. Vote: Vote for candidates that support Catholic values and beliefs, like Pro Life. Check out for information on candidate's positions. 10. Pray: Pray for our brothers and sisters in need; the homeless, the hungry, the vulnerable, the sick, the lonely, the addicted and the incarcerated. Pray in your room. Pray with your family. Pray with your friends. Pray with those in need. Prayer is a powerful tool.

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