Friday, April 30, 2010

Francis, dirty and emaciated, danced a fool’s dance of love. Paul, proud and pious, was blinded by the truth of love. Damien, with calloused hands, washed the putrid sores with love. Dorothy, with cigarette in hand, fed those we could not love. Peter, lonesome wanderer, spoke, spoke, and spoke of love. Mary, silent and watchful, was pierced by the sword of love. That same sword that pierced her Son, redeeming love. I want to dance a fool’s dance of love. I want my blind eyes opened to God’s total love. I want to wash away the putrid smell of sin, my sin, your sin. I want to feed on the broken bread. I want to drink the blood poured out. I want to hear truth of love spoken from the mouth of saints. Dirty, rejected, earthly saints, who gave all they could for love. I want you with me - I need you with me. I can’t jump into the deep deep sea of love by myself. Jump with me – dance with me – sing with me – serve with me. We won’t be alone. There will be a great number of Holy Fools that have jumped before. To keep us afloat.

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